A Life is Just All the Clutter You Collect and How Much of it You Can Remember

So I spent about 2 hours this morning cleaning out about 3 or 4 drawers in my bedroom. They were full of all sorts of junk: letters from ex-girlfriends, photos of trips abroad (on actual photo paper!), the rolls of film and negatives from countless wasted days trying to snap crap skateboarding tricks, boxes and boxes from all the crap that I’ve bought over the years, my record of achievement from high school and some report cards, my progress reports from AS and A2 at college, toys (including a yo-yo, which I just had to try and spin), some necklaces, and an old laptop.

I filled about 2 bin bags of rubbish, one bag of stuff to go to a charity shop and another of stuff that really needs to go to the tip.

Anyway, so it’s my birthday and look how I spent the first half of it! I’m working this afternoon and then going for a meal with my family in the evening, so that’ll make up for it.

My sister has been shouting at me to get some focus and direction in life (she know she’s a bit hypocritical in that respect but she’s right so I can’t argue) and one of the things I’ve said I want to do for some years now is travel abroad, specifically to New Zealand and/or Australia, partly because of all the amazing things people have told me about those places and also because in Australia they use a similar Sign Language and I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to learn the bits that were different. Maybe I could even work over there… Anyway, the point I’m making is that, in my limited experience, the immigration processes in Australia have a cut-off age of 30 for non-desirable  careers, I’m not sure if I want to work there but having never been how could I know and I’ve only got a year left. I guess it’s more a kick up the arse to go and do stuff with my life than anything with any real direction yet.

In the same vein as the above paragraph I’ve learned how to count in Japanese and here’s A Video of Me Counting to 20 in Japanese  (I can actually count to 99 now but that’s not exactly going to be riveting to watch is it?) there’s no reason why I’ve learned, other than as a teenager I used to watch a fair bit of Japanese animated films and TV programs but never picked up much of the language, I guess I’d also like to visit some of the more rural areas of Nippon (Japan) and it’d be nice to be able to be polite in their language.

Anyway, happy birthday to me and maybe I’ll remember that I’ve got this blog some time before 2017.


Ta-ra for now


~keep the peace or defer all decision making capacity to a Russian meerkat~






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