So… I’d forgotten about this place

So… I’d forgotten about… Which means I’d forgotten about my blog. Which no-one read anyway but it’s useful for me to catalogue my life as I’ve probably got a long term memory span of about a week.

I’m now living in a house near Prestatyn in North Wales, I’ve been working as a sign language interpreter for North Wales Deaf Association for a year and a half and it’s been good. I kind of landed on my feet with this job; there is a real sense of companionship amongst the staff there and I’ve not been asked to do too many jobs where I’ve felt I’d be out of my depth, which is reassuring.

I’m renovating the house for my dad who is technically my landlord (the rent is pretty decent, although the place is a wreck), it’s not exactly what you’d call a ‘home sweet home’ type house, there’s no carpet in some rooms, plaster coming off the walls in others and part-papered walls in others. There’s no oven, hob or freezer in the kitchen and the garden is pretty much a jungle (although I’m working on that at the moment), having said all that, I’ve got hot water and working central heating, electricity and a comfy bed so I’ve got nothing to complain about considering I got myself into this situation in the first place by saying to my father, “Daaaaad, you know you’ve always wanted to get into property developing? Well, there’s a house in North Wales that could be your first project, and it’d be a perfect base for me to commute to work…. Dad?”

After the shock had passed, he’d visited the house and agreed that it had potential, so technically I’ve bought a house; insomuch as having dealt with estate agents, consulted with conveyancers and haggled with stubborn sellers. Not something I’m looking forward to repeating but it’s going to happen at some point I guess.

I think that pretty much brings us up to date with the major stuff.

I might move onto the small stuff in a later post but for now I’m going to sign off.


~ keep the peace people because the peace is a fragile thing that refuses to be bubble wrapped and frequently dangles in front of the dangerous gaping maw of anger, angst and hate ~



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