I Forsee Stormy Weather and Rough Seas

As the title of this blog suggests there will be some occurrences in the very near future that may well have me a little nervous and most likely stressed out.

Yup, it’s assessment time… As the end of my third academic year at Wolverhampton university draws to a close the time has come for me to prove that I have actually learnt something (a feat that I’m concerend that I may not be able to perform).

So, I’ve got the dates and times for the unavoidably stressful situations I will be enduring: April 21st, April 24th, April 29th, May 5th & May 12th.
TOO MUCH, TOO MANY, TOO HARD! I’m most likely gonna keep this page updated with what will probably become a diary of how stressed-out I’m becoming over these assessment and a quick summary of how each exam went – if I can bring myself to actually relive the memory of it, lol.

I can safely say that I’m done for the time being, just thinking about the next exam on the horizon, tomorrow at 4:15pm, is giving me palpatations.


~keep the peace or acknowledge the rules overstated and learn to bend them to meet the style that you’ve created~

2 thoughts on “I Forsee Stormy Weather and Rough Seas

  1. Good luck with the assesments Carl, i too have end of year things to be doing, meant to be doing a systems assignment now but i really cant be bothered as i received no teaching whatsoever.

  2. Good luck with the exams and accessments Carl. You in Wolvs over the summer? Im gonna come up for a weekend soon after your last assemnt to visit Laura. Let me know if you\’ll be around

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