I Forsee Stormy Weather and Rough Seas

As the title of this blog suggests there will be some occurrences in the very near future that may well have me a little nervous and most likely stressed out.

Yup, it’s assessment time… As the end of my third academic year at Wolverhampton university draws to a close the time has come for me to prove that I have actually learnt something (a feat that I’m concerend that I may not be able to perform).

So, I’ve got the dates and times for the unavoidably stressful situations I will be enduring: April 21st, April 24th, April 29th, May 5th & May 12th.
TOO MUCH, TOO MANY, TOO HARD! I’m most likely gonna keep this page updated with what will probably become a diary of how stressed-out I’m becoming over these assessment and a quick summary of how each exam went – if I can bring myself to actually relive the memory of it, lol.

I can safely say that I’m done for the time being, just thinking about the next exam on the horizon, tomorrow at 4:15pm, is giving me palpatations.


~keep the peace or acknowledge the rules overstated and learn to bend them to meet the style that you’ve created~

Ooooh… I might have visitors, best get out the posh biscuits and put the kettle on!

Wow, I wasn’t expecting much when I sent a bunch of people a message through Facebook requesting them to come and visit this humble brain-overspill spot… I am impressed at the number of people that have actually said ‘yeah why not’ and presumably clicked the ‘okay/accept’ button.

That was phase one

I’m afraid that phase two requires a little more effort on the part of anyone that reads this… Just to see who clicked ‘yes’ for the sake of shutting me up and find out who might actually give a damn what I ramble on about when I post on here, I request that anyone who is reading this posts a comment, something that can be done by clicking a link somewhere below this post, and letting me know they were here, a simple ‘yo’ is sufficient… Just so I can gauge my prospective ‘audience’, and maybe censor myself accordingly, lol (I won’t actually censor myself, if you get offended by what I say then my response would be ‘you chose to read it’ – though I doubt I shall be offering any offensive material to the vastness of cyber-space)


~keep the peace or propose a toast, a respectful toast, to those who can hold it in yet have lost the most~