After The New Year

It’s January 18th… I’m still at home after christmas, term doesn’t officially start until the 28th so i’ve got 10 days to kill…

There’s not so much to say even though so much time has passed. Christmas came and went without so much as a rustle in the leaves on the tree of excitement. No matter, New Years was meant to be a blast, road trip to Leeds with JaMeS, Sean, Neil and his girlfriend, Anna. Not so, Sean was ill so it was just the 4 of us in the car. The party was just a gathering of stoners sat around toking on spliffs and a shisha pipe which grew tiresome quickly, Neil and Anna left just after the countdown to the new year, JaMeS and I left half an hour later. Can’t say it was a raucous shindig and there was no sense of joy in the atmosphere.

Well this has been a dismal post so far eh?

Since returning from Leeds there has been even less than f*ck-all to do and so i’ve been in my house pretty much every day slobbing out in front of the T.V.  I’ve never been so glad to get back to Wolverhampton in my life. Speaking (well, typing) of Wolverhampton, I have recieved most of my results from the first semester, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only had I passed the part that I had believed would be my one failing, I got a freakin’ ‘A’! Much joy from that… Kinda stared at the results page and began laughing hysterically.

Bought some weighing scales from Asda so I could keep track of my steady weight loss after the pigging-out of x-mas and new year, only to be dissapointed once again when I realised that I’ve slowly been gaining weight, probably linked to this self induced confinement to my house. Not that I’m a fat git but I can’t help but look in the mirror after a shower or something and go ‘uurgh’. That, combined with a steadily receeding hairline makes me wonder if I’m ever be found attractive again by anyone. Ah! Enough of this self pity! Heading back to uni in a few days, probably this coming Wednesday (though by the time anyone reads this it’ll be several Wednesdays past)

Maybe I’ll keep posting about my highly interesting a varied life!

*keep the peace – it’s just too much hassle to be bogged down by everyday stuff*