To The Intermittent Visitor

Big news first I guess…
1) I’ve finished and passed my foundation year at Wolverhampton uni.
2) I’m moving to UCLAN (that’s in Preston) starting this September (which means I’ll be living at home)
3) Sean and I are talking again after two and a half years

I think that’s it for big news…

So I’ve been back home for two and a half months now, boredom has been my main companion throughout the months since I arrived back in May, followed swiftly by my good friend, Alcohol. That being said, I have had a few interesting nights out in Lancaster and a week long trip down to Kent via Birmingham, Essex and Derby, about which I’ll go into more detail later.

Recently there’s been a ‘thing’ with a girl, which has caused more confusion than enjoyment in me which ultimately ended whatever you’d called the ‘thing’. However, the circumstances surrounding the ending of it are kind of vague to me as I was, once again, under the influence of alcohol and, unfortunately for me, at the same time I was under the spell of those seven pints of Carlsberg and two bottles of Stella I managed to once again, really piss off Alice. Aren’t I just great?

Anyway, less of the depressing stuff. The week long trip was amazing. I went down to Chris’ in Birmingham because he was hosting a house party while his parents were away. Unfortunately for Chris, I was the only guest to turn up. The night was made up of catching up, drinking, watching the first Hellraiser movie and listening to music, although not the house party we had both originally envisaged, it was fun nonetheless. From there I travelled down to Kent, to a town called Maidstone, where Laura, a friend from my course in Wolverhampton, lives. I spent a few days with her, during which I went to Southend-on-Sea to visit Tasha (who I don’t think needs introducing to anyone, seeing as I’m always texting her or mentioning her infront of anyone and everyone). I managed to wheedle fifteen minutes out of her before I dropped her off where she needed to be, it was nice but driving three hundred and fifty miles for fifteen minutes left me feeling a little bit cheated. I don’t hold her accountable for it, but I still feel like I lost out a bit.
After leaving Maidstone, I went home via Derby where I met Hannah, another friend who I used to text an inconceivable amount. I stayed the night with her, watching a Pearl Jam DVD and chatting, I then drove into Derby city to see Nadine, another uni friend and then Jess, a girl who I met through the MSN group Sean and I created years ago; Psycho Groupie Cocaine Crazy. I stayed with Nadine for a few hours before she had work and chatted with Jess over tea and hot chocolate before giving her a lift home and then driving the 170 miles home myself (getting lost in Manchester along the way).

Okay, that’s not everything but I’m bored of typing now…

~ keep the peace ~