Ill… Bleugh…

I’m meant to be helping at a deaf film/media festival at the moment, doing some volunteer work. However, i feel like crap today and as such have decided that i really am not up to going, which is a shame ‘cos i think it’d have been fun. However, i can use this time to provide the occasional reader of this blog with some details of my actions this past month, which shouldn’t take to long to record.
I’ve been busy doing work from class, occasionally going out and even more sporardically, drinking while i’m out. I’ve tried exploring the local area. I’ve not managed to get very far with that though; found one small village just outside Wolverhampton called Essington, but other than that my roamings have been limited to going into town or asda for the heaps and heaps of cakes i’ve been buying and eating recently.
The time is flying by actually; it doesn’t seem so long ago that it was the start of November. Two weeks left before i come home for the holidays.
There’s not much else to say really. Maybe when i feel more lively the reports will reflect that.
Carl *keep the peace*