A Month and a Half Down The Line

As the title of this post states, it has been a month and a half since i arrived here in Wolverhampton. During that time i’ve made three trips back home… Some more neccessary than others… One was for Sean’s birthday which i really couldn’t have missed, one was for Halloween and the other was, i think ‘just because’…
I’ve been to a few more lectures and have now finished the 6 weeks of having only one lecture a week. I am quite warming to the course. Which is lucky really because if i wasn’t i’d be about to have the most traumatic 4 years infront of me.
The city itself is quite nice, although having, in some places, a four lane ring road running right round it, traffic isn’t that heavy or instrusive. Once you can navigate your way around the seemingly never ending shopping centre then you’re pretty much able to find your way around the city centre.
If i haven’t mentioned them before then i believe that now would be a good time to do so. The new aquiantances i have made here in Wolverhampton are as follows. Steve, Chris, Nadine, Laura, David, Di, Hannah, Rhys, Alicia, Helen and Andy.

As i guess you’re all DYING to know. There are a few okay nights out that i know and some that i’ve only heard of. The students union bar holds a ‘alt’ night every Wednesday, which sucks big balls. There’s a ‘metal’ night on most nights at the Planet club. The Canal Club hosts more Indie/Rock/Emo nights and the Gifford Arms holds a seriously heavy night on a Thursday with music i’ve never heard before, in some genres i’ve never heard of before; ‘troll metal’, ‘gore metal’ and many others… It scares me does that night.

Anyhobble… I’ll let you off now…

Carl *keep the peace or distribute contraband goods to small children*