The Big Move

Well since I last posted i have been shipped off to Wolverhampton, previously thought of by me as the place of kings, but sadly enough that was not to be the entire truth. However, i have skipped the story of my dissapearance.

Early September arrived and the mad scramble to get bits and pieces ready for uni began. I feel now that i skimped on a lot of provisions but that is to be expected from me, i never do fully realise the enormity of tasks that are set infront of me, and as such i have been left without a few minor luxuries.

Anyway, the friday night before my departure was spent largely with my good friends from school; JaMeS, Neil, Phil, Sean, also Lauren (Sean’s girlfriend) and James Barnes, with his girlfriend Kay. We stayed in the Yorkie for many hours, most people getting more and more inhebriated as the night wore on, I unfortunately was (and still am) on anti-biotics and as such had no deisre to drink. The next port of call was rock night (against JaMeS’ complaints that he was up at 6am to play golf the next day) much dancing was done, much by a sober Carl (which i think should be a shock to some people, especially the people who used to go rock night with Sean and myself back in the day when i’d only dance when standing still was hard due to alcohol consumption). At the end of the night i drove Sean, Lauren, Neil and JaMeS to town, took Sean then Lauren to their homes and then took Neil and JaMeS for food. The drive back was… different, JaMeS was yelling ‘BOOM!, head shot!’ to any pedestrians that we passed in the car, of course under the instruction of Sean, who seems to be able to convince drunk people to do absolutely anything, not only that, he can also make them think it’s a a great idea. Poor JaMeS. Moving on, after food was purchased Neil, JaMeS and myself had a pretty deep chat whilst sat on the town hall steps which was pretty cool. After that everyone was driven to their respective homes and i got some sleep, which is probably more than can be said for JaMeS that night, i assume he was popping Phil’s Pro-Plus pills all the next morning as he swung drunkenly at a little white ball.

Saturday was less eventful, although i woke up early (damn those anti-biotics, although it seems to be my only reaction to them which is fine) nothing much was done, very slow packing which eventually finished at about 6pm when i decided i was going to drive around Morecambe and Heysham to pick up take-away menus. We ended up getting loads from Happy Palace, was so full, was rediculous.

Sunday (the day of reconing) set off at 11am, arrived at the uni at just gone 1pm. Spent an hour or so unpacking, we then went to the local Asda (when i say local, i really mean it, it’s actually rign next to my accomodation block, so not even a 30 second walk to get bread milk etc), had some food there, the café was closed, so we just bought sarnies, wandered around town then back to the accomodation for the expeced tearful goobye from mum (bless her). As they walked away and i was yelling things like ‘don’t worry, i’ll be back at christmas’ and ‘don’t crash my car!’ i met the first guy whom could be considered a friend, called Chris, he stutters, but only at the start of short sentences, which is weird, but the stuttering lasts far longer than the sentence which it precedes. That day i also met a guy called Steve (prospective friend number 2, hehe) and we chilled, but had a early night just cos we were all knackered from coming up here and gettung used to the city (i’m so never gonna get used to the student lifestyle of going out everyday and getting trashed).

Got up on Monday and washed my face in the sink in my room which happens to have the most ironic taps, they’re backwards for a start so the hot tap produces cold water and vice verse for the cold, but the cold tap happens to produce the hottest water i’ve ever felt from anything that isn’t a pre-boiled kettle, it’s rediculous. Found out that i needed to bring some letter that i’d forgotten which proves that i’m not the one that has to pay for my course, and that the student loads company are covering that cost for me.

Today is Tuesday and i have got my time-table for the next semester: monday, tuesday, thurs and fri, but for the next 6 weeks i’m in only once a week on tuesday afternoons cos i’ve already passed level one sign language and don’t need to attend the classes teaching that level.

Well i guess that’s all the info i have to provoide you with at the moment,  but maybe i’ll post again, i’ll try and keep them as regular as possible, but i’ll let my workload dictate that one.

*keep the peace or urinate on a tree in a public area*