Almost There, Going Nowhere

Although sometimes i can be quite flippant when it comes to the fact that i don’t have a girl in my life, when it comes to the crunch, it’s quite upsetting. So when i see a lass take an interest it’s a serious confidence booster, until i realise that the lass will take an interest in anyone, and therefore does, when i arrange to meet her, she decides that before i arrive it’s cool to kiss a random guy, cos that’ll make meeting me all that easier… Anyway, was a lil gutted…. However, what gutted me more, was… I had booked a week off work this week, so that i could drive down to essex and visit a lass who i had foolishly taken an interest in, even though she lives 200+ miles away from me.. Then the day before i’m due to set off she says she can’t see me… Like a punch in the stomach i’ll tell ya… Reducing all the girls i had thought i had a shot with by 100%… Maybe i’m just cursed with bad luck, or i make bad choices… Probably the latter, but i’d love to be proven wrong and have my luck change…
*so hard to keep the peace when the anger bubbles and boils inside*

Some… err… time

Last time I posted about being 19… Well, the feeling of not actually being any different hasn’t worn off, although when asked I do, more often than not, get my age right first time.
What’s happened to me recently? Not much really….
I got the job that i had the interview for… Have been working there for about 9 weeks now… Although that theoretically means i should be uber rich, i’m not… I have about £200 in my bank, which will soon be much less… However, a solid explanation for the quick draining of my bank account would be because i now own a vehicle of my own and so have been driving it around and refilling it with petrol etc etc… It’s a snazzy red Rover 200.. Well, it was snazzy, now there are a few scapes on it and a large dent in the driver’s door, i have no idea how either of those occured. Although i have already crashed into a bush and been stranded in the middle of no-where for 3 hours at 4am (untill some kind dude with a 4×4 and some chain decided to pull me out)
That’s about it really, Joel and Kyle are back from Uni and are milling around. Alice has stopped actively ignoring me, infact i’ve got a hug and a hello out of her at the last rock night, and she also okayed me coming up to the uni to visit her while Joel and Kyle were up there so things are looking up on that front.
Well, until next time folks…
Carl *keep the peace or pin down elderly people and stick bananas in their ears until they offer to leave you a large sum of money in their will*