Sh!tday (is that an actual day?)

Friday (29th April)

Listening to: KoRn – Make Believe (Untouchables)

After such an ace start to the day… Naruto and all… Went into town at about 8pm after debating with myself about going out cos i knew i really couldn’t be arsed… Was in a foul mood and once i got into town and saw Sonya, Kyle, Rachel, Gab & some other people, i realised that mood wasn’t going to increase much… Got up to the priory and everyone started drinking/smoking/whatever… I abstained from anything cos i couldn’t be arsed… After about half an hour some townies started throwing bottles at us… We moved but they followed… Me, Sonya, Kyle and Rachel were split from the rest of the group and i got the shit punched out of my face, resulting in a nice black eye… That took about 5 mins… ish… Kyle was a dude and knocked on doors asking for an ice pack cos apparently my eye looked awful… Anyway, met the others at the train station and my mood was ok, cos i had to laugh or i’d just have cried… Things took a turn for the worse when Kyle spotted the little shit that was giving him and myself crap and the one that was punching me too… Decided it’d be a good idea to confront him… Bad move, he very quickly grabbed a load of huge mates and there were a few punches thrown and people in cars having to stop to prevent running people over… Rachel got involved and her hair was pulled and she wasn’t impressed, as she wanted a proper fight, not a girly one… Eventually it was just Kyle, so i went to grab him to stop him saying something to get himself hurt… Got hit again… Bust my lip open… lots of blood this time… Went into a pub and waited for the bleeding to stop and everyone to get back into one group… We got 6 of the 9/10 people back into the pub, just in time to be quizzed by the police… We said that we didn’t want to get into another fight, i really didn’t think i’d be able to survive another one… So we got a lift down to the bus-station in a police van… Sonya txt her mum saying ‘I’m in a police van!’ and we all laughed… We got on the bus and i met Sophie Greenwood who was most concerned for me which was really nice… Got to rock night and i just sat with ice on my lip for most of the night… Got a lift home with Neil’s brother after getting pizza and Mum skitzed cos apparently Sonya’s mum had got that txt about the police van and sent people looking for her, pronouncing her ‘missing’ and stuff… So mum wasn’t best pleased when police turned up at 1:15am… Stayed with Sonya in my bed, just holding her untill 7am (we’re in saturday now) and then went to sleep on the floor in the box room cos the parents don’t like me staying in the same bed as my girlfriend…

Carl (keep the peace or get a black eye for a fiver)


Thursday (friday morning)

Thursday 28th April

Listening to: Feeder – Child In You (Comfort In Sound)

Missed college in the morning due to sleeping in cos i got to sleep at 4am… I know Sonya wasn’t happy, i got a txt at 8:13am saying.. ‘i’m going to die, i’m ACTUALLY going to die’ so i don’t think she was too awake either… Went to maths in the afternoon and found out that i really don’t understand the point of the next little bit, the next assignment if you will… Rargh to that… The plan to go to Sonya’s almost died, cos it turned out that her little brother had fucked up plans to let me and Sonya have the house to ourselves… So wasn’t too happy with him… Went to Kirkby anyway… Wasn’t going to let it stop me seeing her tho… Was terrible, she cried on me and i couldn’t do anything about it… I felt so helpless… We went back to hers and as no-one was in it was all good… However her mum came back home and we were in the front room, see i wasn’t meant to be there at all… So most of the night was spent just watching Sonya on MSN while stealing her intermitently and kissing her… To the annoyance of everyone on MSN… hehe… We finally succumbed to the lure of her room and spent the next hour there… Subsequently missed my bus home, and with it being the last bus… Sonya’s already angry mum gave me a lift home… I was so sure she was going to leave me to sleep rough in kirkby… Glad for the lift, meant more time with Sonya… I am glad i’m still comfy, i thought i’d stopped being comfortable to lean on cos it’d not been said in ages… Got in and went on the net for a bit… Spoke to Sonya a bit… Felt really stupid after being away from her for about an hour and a half i missed her already… Went to sleep a very happy bunny after planning to have her to sleep tonight (friday)…

Friday 29th April

(i know i don’t usually report on the day untill the next cos i can state everything that happened at once but this can’t wait, cos i know the feeling will pass)

I’ve just watched probably the saddest episode of Naruto since the Haku set, i know hardly anyone will know what i means but those that do will understand… It also happened to be one of the best episodes i’ve seen in ages too… It’s packed SO full of emotion… I love the new intro and outro too… They fit in perfectly with what’s going on at the moment… Nothing more to report since i’ve only been up for an hour… hehe… Will go skating later i think…

Carl (keep the peace or cry to let it all out… Tears streaming down your face can help you see clearly again…)


Wednesday 27th April

Slept in and didn’t go to Philosophy, blaming that on Sonya for talking to me till about 2am the night before… Tho that does mean she’ll be just as knackered and she’ll have got up as she’s slightly more determined not to screw up than i am… Anyway… Got a bus into town with Neil at 1:55pm and we shimmied through town till 3pm… Went to the skatepark and et Bob, Tom and Joe Chilled there then went back to town, met Annia in town and spent till about 6:20pm with her, Neil, Dave, Katy and Rachael… Sign was cool, my homework was slightly more prepared… Still made a mess of it… Met Neil after sign and waited for a bus with him, in the Crypt… Went back to his house and listened to his altered version of Californication… He’s getting pretty good with that guitar of his… Walked home and talked to Sonya till about 4am… Which is not the best of ideas considering i had college at 9am… Oh well…

Carl (keep the peace or drip alcohol onto a cut… NO! NOT THE EXPENSIVE STUFF!)

Choose Day

Tuesday 26th April

Listening to: 3 Doors Down – Sarah Yelling (Away From The Sun)

Just chilled at home just about all day… Walked to college at 12:20… Got there exactly an hour later… Was impressed… 5mph… Skeels… Anyway… Sociology was crap, felt like there was a nice hollow in my brain where some information about the media should have been… Gutted… Oh well… Had tutorial for the first time in months… Told that if i don’t get my Key Skills portfolio completed that i won’t be able to stay on at LMC for my A2s… Went into town with Tom and mooched around until about 4:55pm, when i got the bus with my sister, Charlotte and a girl called Rachel… Chatted with Charlotte, mainly about Robbie, her boyfriend… They’re so cute together… Got home and went on the net and stayed on, talking to Sonya, till about 2am… Was well good… Slept like a stone…

Carl (keep the peace or drink from the cup of life but once it’s gone, so are you)

Mmmm On Day

Monday 25th April (2005 wouldn’t you know!)

Listening to: Trapt – The Game

College at 11am, was nearly late as i only got out of bed at 10am and my bus is at 10:20am, so had very quick shower… Ran to the stop with sopping wet hair… Luckily for me i don’t catch hypothermia as easily as most other people, tho i’ve probably just jinxed myself by saying that… Met Tom on the second bus in town and went to college with him… Philosophy was cool, as it os most days, tho i was a lil embarrassed when i forgot a really important example of something… Everyone else knew it and i was like… erm… yeah… Trust me to be the one to forget it… lol… Went home and changed my bed sheets and the such, grabbed my skateboards and skated the bus-stop for a bit… Feeling more and more frustrated with each failed trick =(… Grabbed the bus and wandered around town, met Sonya at about 4:20pm and stayed with her till 7:20pm, cos i made her miss her 6:20pm bus, tho i didn’t have to try hard, she just stood there and waved at it as it pulled out… hehe… Went home the long way, i.e. walked/skated… Just as i’d got into BLS Corinne’s mum pulled over infront of me Corinne and my sister were waving at me from in the car, so got a lift home with them… Just mooched around the house till i went to sleep really… nothing much exciting really…

Carl (keep the peace or poke yourself in the eye with a pointy stick and claim Buffy got ya)


The ‘sabbath’

Sunday 24th April

Listeing to: Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes

Sunday was spent at home… Mowed the lawn and stripped wallpaper most of the day… Nothing interesting really… Went on MSN and had another lovely argument with Sonya… To be honest, through her i’m learning to take things less seriously cos she doesn’t seem to… That’s about it, other than a phone call from one of my most favourite people in the universe, Rachel T… Not as long as they used to be but thats cos she had work to do… Was a good day really… Late to bed cos of helping Sonya research stuff for her art…

Carl (keep the peace or rip our your heart and watch with your last few seconds as it drips your life-blood on the floor – who’s gonna clean that up tho?)

As Always

I seem to wait about two days before i write on this thing…

Friday 22nd April

Listening to: Metallica – Damage, Inc. (Master of Puppets)

Chilled at home most of the day… Went to Mike’s he was pretty ill in the morning, but, cos i’m ace i cured him, and he was well enough to go out with mates in the evening… lol… I went home to tell my parents that i was meeting Neil in town before heading to Rock night… Anyway, slipped into the Crypt before meeting Neil, saw Frances, Caz, Rachael & Jo… Dragged them all down to the fountain where Neil was meeting me… Rachael and Frances took off to get busses…Jo and Caz went back to the Crypt and waited for me and Neil… Met Neil, went to the Crypt for about 5 mins… Got a bus to Rock Night, the night was cool i guess… The only dancing i did was with Hannah and Vikie cos they made me, tho i felt better for it later… At about 1am I met Annia outside rock night and told her that it didn’t finish till 2am, she actually waited another 45 mins in the cold for me to come back out at roughly 1:45am… Which was, in retrospect, not the smartest of moves, as it was freezing… Anyway, i stayed with her till Neil came out at 2am… Said our goodbyes, which took ages… Then Neil and myself walked the god knows how many miles back to Bolton-le-Sands… On the final strech before B-L-S there were about 5 scallies, we’re talking 4am here… Five townies, walking towards us carry sharpened sticks… They asked us for fags then ‘let’ us walk through… I can’t help but wonder what their aim was at 4am walking round with sharpened sticks… Anyway, got home and went to my bed… Cos i likes it there…

Saturday 23rd April

Listening to: Metallica – Ride The Lightning (Ride The Lightning)

Woke up. As you do if you are alive and have been asleep. Had a mini txt argument with Sonya about how dodgy it looked last night me hugging Annia the way i was… Which, she was right about but i wasn’t impressed with the people that had told her about it, as they seemed to have touched a nerve… Asking if we were still together… Anyway, went to town, initially to meet Annia, but that went down the drain when she buggered off for 15 mins… So headed to my next destination, Alice’s birthday gathering at Williamsons Park… Was cool, loads of cool people there… No Neil tho, however he called saying he was coming and i went to town to meet him… I was in the mood for a walk, though i didn’t say where i was going, and also that i’d only be about five minutes… it’s really odd, i have a girlfriend, yet when i’m with other girls, i pine for them, maybe it’s just the company, whatever it was, i was getting mighty pissy for no reason and i really wanted Sonya… Because i couldn’t have her i went for my walk… Met Emma and waited for Neil with her, then we went to the skate park and met Jake for 5 mins… Neil and myself went back up to the park, i’d been away for an hour and a half now… lol… They had re-located and were riding bikes down something called the ‘spoon’ named for it’s shape… a steep drop, the end of which turned into flat rather quickly, looking pretty similar to the end of a spoon… Anyway, stayed there for a bit, feeling a lot better now that i had Neil, JaMeS AND Phil with me… Went back to Alice’s house for a short time, watched everyone eat chinese take away and nibbling at what was on Neil’s plate, i wasn’t hungry… Decided that i needed to get away from people in general and so shimmyed off to Dalton square to skate, turns out i’m pretty naff at skating… Which made me feel great… Arranged to meet Neil outside MacDonalds, which isn’t smart, with it being a prime spot for chavs… Oh well, i didn’t get the shit kicked out of me, tho i was rather close to a police riot van at the time, that might have acted as a deterrant for scallies… Went to Jakes… Met Emma, Caz, Rachael and Charli there… Was being all gentleman-ly walking Rachael and Jo back to Jo’s house… Then realising i’d left my skateboard at Jakes, ran back and saw Neil leaving, headed for the Yorkie, had a mini crisis with Caz cos she was upset… That got mildly sorted, got to the Yorkie, wasn’t even there for 2 mins, before Neil decided it was time to go to the Crypt yet again, cos we had ages before our next bus… First song they played as we arrived was mine and Sonya’s, NIN – Closer, she’s adopted it as ours cos it was one of the first songs we ever danced to… I really needed her with me but she was miles and mile away… So i txt her saying that i needed her… Then i got a phone call from her which was cool, what was better, was that my phone didn’t die untill loads later… Though it still was during the call, which was a little crud… Went home and got another phone-call from her… Had my phone on charge and so we chatted for a while… Got an e-mail from Annia, saying how much she liked me and stuff… Was not in the mood to answer it… Said goodnight to Sonya and went to bed…

That is how good my weekends are… proper good

Carl (keep the peace or freeze yourself in a lake in Alaska then wait untill some explorer finds you in 1,000,000 years)