Bad Carl(ish) Day


Listening to: Nothing, Shock horror!

To be honest i can’t remember much of this day…

Went to college at 9:15am…. Bollocked for being late, obviously… I somehow ended up with Neil, then managed to see Alice, Vicky and Rachel, ate a really nice cookie type thing… Met Sonya… Forgot what day of the week it was, went back to Neil’s had 3 cans of beer and a chicken tikka masala…

(what a wierd day)


Listening to: 3 Doors Down – Away From The Sun

Early wake up, no1 likes me at the moment cos i was thick and didn’t go to sign-language…

College for a mock sociology exam which i hadn’t revised for… I must have failed miserably on it, i didn’t do the last two questions in any detail at all and because i didn’t revise i had no idea what i was talking abou anyway… Went home for lunch to find th conservatory people were back! Gah to them… Mum came home and ordered me to make little invites for a ‘party/get-together’ for close family… she wouldn’t let me joke around, which sucked… i wanted to put ‘you are invited to a get-together for Carl’s 18th, there will be tea, biscuits and polite conversation’ it wasn’t that bad, but mum insisted on something boring… Didn’t go to GCSE maths cos Vicky is in Manchester so there’d be no1 to talk to, which meant i’d have to do work.. Met Sonya at like 5ish, caught the bus into town with Neil… Got a bus back from town at like 6:40pm cos the kendal was late due to a fatal accident on the bye-pass… Anyway, Sonya came back here with me and we stayed till 10:30 again… Was fun… took her back to town where we met Magic who stunk of alcohol, but it was his birthday… Listened to 3 Doors Down on the way home and had a major burst of happiness tho i don’t quite know why…

Carl (keep the peace or change your name to Alex)


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