F.S.S.M.T. (hehe)


Listening to: Blink 182 – ‘self titled album’

Went to town with my mum, an unexpected turn of events occured there, i got bought some new stuff, clothes, for the first time in an absolute age… The last time i got something new was like september last year, maybe before that… Anyway i got a seriously cool pair of jeans and a new hoodie which i’m a chuffed with, tho felt guilty cos together they were like £86, but mum was like ‘yeah sure, i’ll pay that much.’ I wondered if she’d been hit in the head with something… Went to asda and got some alco-pops for Neil cos i owed him some…


Still listening to: Blink 182 – ‘self titled album’

Saturday… erm… it’s been so long my memory has been wiped… I assume i did bugger all before heading off to Neil’s to give him the alco-pops, i got invited to a party while i was there… So we chilled then set off with much alcohol, which, once we got into town we decided wasn’t enough so we bought like forty quids woth more… Then Neil proclaimed that this party would be much more fun if there were illigal intoxicants there… So we went on a treck back to bolton-le-sands to procure some… Arrived like 2 hours later than we said we would, unluckily for us, cos as we got there the party was beggining to wind down cos some drunken person had thrown up on and in all the shoes… However me and Neil started it up with our fresh wave of alcohol and ‘substance’…. I have no idea how trashed i was cos there are very few moments of the night that i recall… From which i presume that i was wasted… One good thing about being so trashed is that you can walk home and not feel the pain in your legs, which is what i did at like 5am… Anyway, back to the party, there was weed in dolmio sauce, there was absynth and there was aftershock, all of which were consumed by me… Pissed off sonya with some late night txts cos she needed to get up early in the morning… oops..


Still listening to: Blink 182 – ‘self titled album’

Woke up at 11am after like 5 hours sleep, writhed around in bed feeling like utter poo for an hour… At 12pm i got up and just bummed around my house cos Neil and James were probably hungover and in town, Mike was in oxford, and Phil had Sean round so none of my friends were accessible… Leaving me to just go on the PC for the majority of the day… Slept like a baby on sunday night to catch up with the sleep i missed out on, but not before re-gaining a friend, Rachel T, the person i pissed off by being annoying has decided, most forgivingly, to be my friend again… Which i was overjoyed about… I have promised Katy that i will not be an insensitive prick to her friend again…


Still listening to – yeah you know who…

Had arranged to meet Sonya at 3pm but she missed her bus that she got up at like 8am to catch… So we re-arranged for 4pm instead… Met in town wandered about for a bit while i purchased a washing machine drive belt for my dad… Came back to mine and had dad complain that i was teaching Sonya sign language the wrong way… That was funny for like 3 seconds… I got a valentines card! I was well impressed… I gave her my really shitty hand made one… It was still in pencil and had no colour on what so ever… Anyway spent till like 11pm with her cos i took a bus with her back to town to be with her when she caught her last bus home… Met my sister, Tara, and Jake… Then after Sonya got her bus i got my last bus home with Charlotte, who i hadn’t seen for like 3 days… lol… Chatted with her and walked her home, which isn’t more that 1 min from my house… Slept well again…

Tuesday (if you haven’t figured out the name of this post, a letter for every day)

Yes, Blink is still playing… Nearly the end of the album so I’ll probably listen to CKY next 🙂

Tuesday… yes i remeber tuesday… honest.. I do it just took me a while, i was at home for most of it… Yeah and it was yesterday too… Met Alice in town at 1:30pm ish… maybe later… Walked around town with her for a bit re-ordering that damn drive belt cos it wasn’t the right one… And getting hearing aid batteries for my father, Alice knew the guy behind the counter which was cool… He likes Naruto! yay!… Walked Alice home then went to the bus station and met Becky and Tanya… Tanya walked home and Becky nicked my skate board and almost took some lady’s ankle out with it… Took her to liquid car park so she could get a lift home… Then got a bus myself… Mike came round in the evening and stayed tll about 2:30am cos thats when i fell asleep and he kindly and quietly left me to sleep… Woke up to a txt from Rachel T asking where my flirty ass was… I presume she thinks that the rest of me isn’t flirty… Anyway figured that a reply would wake her so locked up and fell asleep…


Carl (keep the peace or @!#% off and die)


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